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Sales Management Systems

             The product that my company will be selling is a learning software for aspiring doctor. This learning software will be a "online school" with practice test that doctors will need to take so that they will be able to be accepted into their practice. This learning software will have three sections of online classes and practice test for the undergrad level, graduate level, and certification section for each specific field of practice in the world of medicine; such as the field of surgery, neuroscience, family medicine, dermatology, anesthesiology, etc. As mentioned before I not only will have practice tests in this software for student of medicine to practice, but I also want to have online courses. For the online courses I will have an automated teacher guiding the student with relevant subject the student can read over and learn. As the student is reading through each chapter, if a student is confused, there will be a box where the student can ask automated teacher what some parts mean. So the automated teacher will understand what the student is asking about the student will have to highlight the sentence or paragraph, he/she is having trouble understanding and paste it into the text box and click a box that says "help." The automated teacher will see read the highlighted part and we will have a more simpler meaning to describe each section for the student programed into the software. Also if you are working on the section at a specific time, we will have actual people working and at the computer for people who still are confused. The hours of real people would be Monday-Friday from 8 AM-8 PM and Saturday from 12 PM-6 PM. This will help the student get help if they are confused, instead of just not understanding a section and skipping it. Then as the student finishes the section, they will be given a review test for each section, after the student takes the review test they will be given their score.

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