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Listening for Feelings

             When listening for feelings the teacher must first recognize, and be able to acknowledge, feelings without discounting them for any reason. They must also be able to understand different temperaments in children. Weather a child is an introvert or extrovert you have to recognize this and respond appropriately. This chapter focuses mostly on two techniques of active listening in infants, toddlers and pre-school age children. Non-Verbal and Verbal Active Listening are important in every child's life and daily routines. A childcare giver should learn and practice these techniques starting as soon as they meet a child, even if he/she is only 6 weeks old. .
             Non-Verbal Active Listening is just want it sounds like. Listening and communicating with a child without using words. It can be accomplished through eye contact, facial expressions, body language and simple gestures that many teachers may use and not recognize. It is affective even for infants who cannot use verbal communication. This listening technique conveys trust and acceptance to a child and that is an essential part of building relationships, not only with teachers but throughout life as well. It also allows the child to make decisions, analyze and trust his own feelings and, and start developing his/her own problem solving capabilities.
             Verbal Active Listening is also exactly what it sounds like. Interacting with children thru experiences, physical comfort, and language. Verbal Listening helps teach the children how to get needs met, feel trust and acceptance, and become independent. He/She will learn to respect and trust feelings while developing his own self-esteem.
             Verbal and non-verbal communication are incorporated into everything I do with my children. I think it is a way of life more so than something that needs to be taught. I feel that teaching a child listening and problem solving techniques are a part of parenting in itself.

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