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Listening and Advantages of Body Language

            The need and importance of listening in business organization is evident. Listening is the most frequent, perhaps the most important type of on-the-job communication. A good listening increases efficiency at all levels. The human relations are built strongly where there is a good listening. Studies of relationships between managers and subordinates consistently show that staff often feel that they are not being heard. Being a manager is often hectic, and information is flying at us in all directions - and this can often prevent us taking the time to hear what people are saying. Listening on the job is not only frequent but it is important as well. In fact, most managers agree that active listening is the most important skill for becoming a successful manager. Listening is the one of the seven habits of the highly effective people. Listening can improve work quality and boost productivity. It involves employment of body and mind. It is positive function. Poor listening leads to innumerable mistakes, such as retyping of letters, rescheduling the meetings etc. Apart from the obvious benefits, good listening helps to improve their speaking. One hard listener can cause more danger in a complex economy. .
             We can all work on our listening skills and there's always room to improve those skills, by reflecting on how we come across to others, thinking about how we would have felt in their shoes and practicing listening skills. .
             Barriers of Effective Listening.
             Listening is a psychological process. It requires not only ears but also mind. When we hear we only receive sounds, but when we listen, this hearing is accompanied by a deliberate and purposeful act of mind. One may hear the words spoken by another person without really understanding it. Listening takes time or, more accurately, you have to take time to listen. A life programmed with back-to-back commitments offers little leeway for listening. Similarly, a mind constantly buzzing with plans, dreams, schemes and anxieties is difficult to clear.

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