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Development Plan

            After completing the individual assignment and evaluating the scores that I made, I thought a development plan along with goals would be the best route in order to become an efficient person. First, taking time to figure out up front who I am, and what exactly am I supposed to accomplish was my mission. In order to do this effectively, distinguish my mission and goals. I will allow myself some room to build on flexibility because goals are subject to change.
             Secondly, identify with my role as either manager or team member and how will I relate to other members of the team. This in fact will eliminate power struggles and allow everyone to give a mutual contribution and a common union. Along with identifying my role I will also encourage a non-threating atmosphere that will encourage creativity that will assist in my mission.
             Lastly, it is imperative that information is shared with everyone involved. Being generous with facts and information, not just "key player" but with each member of the team. This will keep everyone "on the same page" and makes people feel that they"re part of a team. Always remembering that team effort is effective when each team member take part in all activity and contributions to related goals of the team.
             Leadership Style and Effectiveness.
             Individual leadership style measures the degree to which people-oriented or task-oriented. Before a person can take any action to lead their followers effectively, they must be able to recognize approximately where their followers are in the development cycle. To do this, he or she must watch closely the actions of his or her followers and determine to what degree their actions are being influenced dominantly by either confidence or competence. Once the leader knows the point of confidence versus competence in his or her followers, he or she will know which facts to build on.
             Effective Leader.

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