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Sample Business Letter - Design Planning and Development

             Please find attached the advertisement commissioned. I have designed a logo and advertisement, based on our initial meeting and subsequent discussions that I believe will be sufficient in assisting the promotion of your website www.famoussas.com. I have incorporated the logo into a dynamic advertisement that utilises a variety of media including pictures, animations, effects and custom designs that I believe will attract web users attention. Familiar themes that are often associated with your business have been used. The following are key points I have noted from our initial discussions:.
             - To inform people of your website .
             - To persuade people to visit your website.
             - Increase traffic to your website.
             - Employ a graphic artist to create a suitable logo and ad from existing printed material.
             - Employ a web developer to create a dynamic advertisement.
             - Submit a report, evaluating the information solution created.
             I summarized your main information problem in the following problem statement:.
             FSA's method of mailing out physical letters to their customers to inform them of new products and sales is time consuming, expensive and having no effect attracting new customers. The advertisement is designed to inform your target audience of your website and persuade them to click the banner, increasing traffic flow to your page and in turn sales of your merchandise. This advertisement, along with this report fulfils the major needs of your business request:.
             The software used in your creation was Adobe Flash CS5.5. This application allows the creation of dynamic online advertisements that incorporate animation. The software allows the use of 'Vector Art' which provides extremely high quality images, even when enlarged. Flash is considered an industry standard in web development, especially online ads and your (or anyone else's) web master will have no problems embedding this ad into a website.
             Project Planning.

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