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Effective Listening

            We were given two ears but only one mouth.
             This is because God knows that listening was twice as hard as talking.
             Hearing is simply taking in sound and is a natural/physiological, passive process. .
             Listening, however, is an active cognitive learned process, and includes attention, processing the sensory data coming into our nervous system via our hearing mechanism. .
             Listening is a key to conveying clear meaning. Listening is among our most consequential communication skills even though it is too frequently relegated to a lesser role in many educational, social, and political spheres. .
             Since listening has to be learned, therefore people need to practise and acquire skills to be good listeners. If we have good listening models, we will hopefully turn out to be effective listeners. .
             When we are learning the proper listening skills, there are also some barriers that we should avoid. .
             Information is an intangible substance that must be sent by the speaker and received by an active listener. Listening is a skill that we all need to better develop. .
             Active Listening is a useful way of listening whenever you are getting directions, having an argument, or listening to someone's problem. Your focus as the listener is on the speaker, and you provide an active mirror to reflect an understanding of what the other person is meaning and feeling. .
             Some barriers to effective listening are hard to break. To reduce impediments to effective communication, we need to understand how some "bad habits" translate into miscommunication.
             The following are some of the more common "bad habits." .
             1. Interruptions 2. Criticism (Prejudice) 3. Daydreaming/Lack of Focus/Preoccupation 4. Emotion.
             1. Interruptions - Poor listeners often interrupt the speaker before he or she finishes. The problems that can result from this behavior is that the speaker is not allowed to finish his or her thoughts.

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