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Developing Effective Communication

            Effective communication is an essential component of a respectful relationship in the nursing profession. The styles vary and include, but are not limited to, attentive listening, conveying acceptance, asking related questions, paraphrasing, clarifying, focusing, offering information, maintaining silence, using assertiveness and summarizing (Kebicz, 2004). Along with verbal interaction, non-verbal gestures, and special attention to the interactions with clients that have special needs play a significant role in the effectiveness of the communication between both parties (Kebicz, 2004). I will discuss the verbal and nonverbal interaction between, the staff and residents, the staff to staff, and lastly resident to resident, from a recent care home visit.
             Upon entering the facility, I had noticed the bright surroundings and hustle bustle of the staff to get the residents to the dining area for supper. Many residents are waiting in the hallway for their medication prior to supper. Here I had an opportunity to observe a nurse administering medication to a resident of the care home. The nurse had acknowledged and professionally greeted the resident with a hearty hello, with proper salutation and a big smile, had bent down to talk to her, gently squeezed the resident's shoulder and administered the medication, "one pill for health and the other for happiness", a daily reference for the two. The nurse had paid particular attention to the considerations taken when communicating with a special need client. The nurse had to get the client's attention, and had done this by being specific and greeting the client with her name. The nurse was aware to be close to her client, a caring non verbal gesture she displayed as bending down to talk to her client that was in a wheelchair. The nurse was very positive in administering the medication using the reference, "one pill for health, and the other for happiness.

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