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Teachers Philosophy

            Teachers use Philosophy in the classroom. A teacher's practices in the classroom reflect his or her personal philosophy. Every one will have a different approach but the goal is get them to use their own ideas responsibly. Teachers need to recognize their classroom organization, motivation, discipline, and classroom climate. .
             Classroom organization is a multifaceted dimension of teaching that includes the content, methods, and values that infuse the classroom environment. All teachers must be able to organize the classroom in such a way that it is conducive to teaching and learning. Under classroom organization falls three categories: lesson planning, physical setting, and student assessment and evaluation. Careful lesson planning is mandatory if effective teaching and learning are to follow. In the physical setting of a classroom the arrangement of furniture and the use of classroom materials may be predicated on the teacher's perception of the learners as passive or active. Last in assessing student progress and assigning grades, most teachers use a variety of techniques including examinations, term papers, project reports, group discussions, performance assessments and various other tools. .
             Motivation is an emotion, desire, or impulse acting as an incitement to action. This motivation is both internal and external. It is internal because it relates to emotions, desires, or other internal drives. The external focus is on action and behavior. Motivating children means to focus on students needs and desires and permits active participation in the learning process.
             Discipline can be issue in the school classroom. How do we as teachers go about disciplining the students in our classrooms? What approaches should we take and are they appropriate? Disruptive behavior must be handled in some way. The main source of dissatisfaction for nearly two-thirds of today's teachers is their inability to manage students effectively.

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