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Education Philosophy

            Education is used to provide students with the necessary knowledge, experiences, and skills needed so that they can help to contribute to our society in a more positive way. There are many different ways to be educated and many subjects that can be studied. Good education influences the student to think and strive to know more. It is one way in which society can achieve schooling outside of the home, and is better when started early.
             Always reach for the stars, above and beyond. This is the value that is most important to me. I know that if I always reach high, then it will be hard to be disappointed in myself. It is also harder to have regrets when you know you have pushed yourself to your fullest potential. When you strive to do your very best, a feeling of content is one that comes easily.
             Education and reaching above and beyond, go hand-in-hand. If a student is willing or simply has the desire to learn more, then already he or she has started the process of education. You first have to want to gain knowledge. Once you have that added knowledge, you can use it to take you just about anywhere. In this case, it would be above and beyond.
             In order for a student to see this in the classroom, it will take a lot of positive reinforcement on the educator's part. The desire to reach above and beyond is something that is going to have to first be instilled in the student, if it is not already there. There are several ways that this can be done. One way would be to have positive sayings posted on the walls throughout the classroom. Another way would be individual praise to the students on work completed One more way to see this reinforcement in the classroom would be to have the students set attainable goals at the beginning of the semester or year that will show positive end results. This will help them to see that if they reach for something they can achieve it. In the end, this will leave both a positive impression on the student and educator as well.

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