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            The view of curriculum is that which is developed by curriculum advisors to be delivered by the teachers and received by the students, is a traditional one. Many other views of curriculum exist. From a pedagogical perspective, discuss the divergent views about the nature of curriculum.
             School content is largely influenced by the larger goals of society, it is worthwhile to examine in great detail what has and has not been taught at various times and to relate these patterns to events and attitudes of the world outside the classroom. (Liebert et al, 1983). If we view the education system as one, which enhances an individuals" opportunity for success in the wider world, then we must take the view that curriculum extends beyond that which is taught in the classroom by the teacher to the students. In an examination of the divergent views of curriculum, it is important to discuss a definition of curriculum that denotes all that is learnt by a student in this setting. This includes what is learnt by the teacher's personal response to the curriculum and Syllabus guidelines, peer interactions and the school's own discipline approach as well as the values and attitudes on which they base their school ideals. This essay will be a discussion of the divergent views of curriculum in terms of the affect of the individual, the teacher's personal response to the formal curriculum, and finally that, which encompasses the hidden curriculum. "At the heart of teaching is the notion of forms and representation, and to a significant degree teaching entails knowing about and understanding ways of representing and formulating subject-matter knowledge so that it can be understood by children. This in turn requires teachers to have a sophisticated understanding of a subject and its interaction to other subjects" (McNamara, cited by Stevenson and Palmer, 1994, p169).
             In an examination of the deviating views of curriculum it is important to establish an understanding as to the composition of the hidden curriculum.

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