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Education from the Classical to the Renaissance

             World History: Change Over Time Essay .
             Today many of the world's most prestigious schools and universities are .
             located in Europe. Although, at one point in time, an education was not considered to be something of value in Europe because it was not a necessity of life. However, as time went on education became more important. It began to be an option to more than just nobles and royalty. It became more affordable and practical. While today education is becoming increasingly important, the transformation from being a privilege to a necessity began over a thousand years ago. Between the Classical Era and the Renaissance Period in Europe the methods, materials, and benefits of an education changed dramatically.
             In the Classical Era, the standard curriculum was based on the idea that knowledge fell within the disciplinary boundaries of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. These subjects were created to enhance a student's verbal skills and to .
             acquire a thorough study of language and the poetic arts. However, in ancient Greece the curriculum also included arithmetic, astronomy, geometry and music. These seven subjects would later come to be known as the liberal arts. During this period of history, the aims of schools were to develop the abilities of the individual, to aid in discovering innate truth and to prepare each individual for their role in .
             society. Because of this, it was believed that students should not be introduced to subject matter until they are mature enough to master it. The whole education process was designed to develop endurance, resourcefulness, and discipline. .
             A common method of teaching in Ancient Greece was the Socratic Method. The Socratic Method, a dialogue between the instructor and his pupil, in which the instructor asks a series of questions to lead the student to a certain conclusion, promoted critical thinking and nurtured reasoning skills.

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