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Renaissance Art

            "A Mirror into the Culture of the Renaissance-.
             The Italian Renaissance marked a revival of the classics or studies of the Roman and Greek cultures and with this revival there was a change in the art of this time. Much of this was changed by humanism; this was the intellectual and cultural secular movement that took place during the Renaissance. "Art is a mirror of any given society: Art reflects the major beliefs values and assumptions of the society that it is created in."" The true beliefs of any society can be seen through the art of that culture. Many artists convey the feelings of the many and not the few in their art. During the Renaissance there was a change in the way the art was presented as compared to the medieval art, it was no longer subordinated by the religion but it still had the common theme of religion. This change in the art was first seen in the paintings of Giotto. He was considered to be "The father of Renaissance painting- because of his less abstract and more natural approach to the depiction of the world (Kagan) . The practice of harmony, symmetry, shading (chiaroscuro), and proportion were used to make the paintings seem more realistic to the viewer. A new theme added into the mix of religion was the celebration of man. A more secular and humanistic form of art was made. The sculptures, much like Greek and Roman sculptures, were more exaggerated in their size and their presence was powerful. Michelangelo's David was one of many examples of the exaltation of man. But these paintings really showed the change that was taking place in the Italian culture.
             The Renaissance was a period in which the beliefs of people were shifting to a more secular outlook. The first artist to use the more realistic look to the art was Giotto. Giotto used more themes that were less farfetched than some of the medieval art. This was seen in the education and art of the Italian people of this time, paintings such as "School of Athens- by Raphael were just some of the praises of the classical philosophers.

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