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            Curriculum development must be based on research and on the necessities of the students. In order to collect information we may use various research and investigations strategies such as: Needs Analysis of the communicative tasks needed to develop language skills, Goals and Objectives including terminal and instructive objectives, Language Testing through authentic assessment, Material Development created by the teacher, Language Teaching and , Program Evaluation. In order to develop a curriculum there must be a team working on it, because curriculum is a monster and one can not work with it alone (Sellas). The people who work on the curriculum development are a crucial part. Teachers need to be part of the development, they are the ones who identify the student's needs and are the ones who will guide the development towards those necessities. The parents, the community, the educational system and the students themselves can help with the curricular development also. All suggestions must be evaluated and considered to finally formulate a written document that is constructed on curricular foundations and based on the students needs.
             The next step after gathering information from all who are working towards the development of the curriculum is curriculum implementation. This is where the curriculum will be practiced. The document is to be put into use and incorporated into the ESL instruction. The teachers must be willing to change their old teaching strategies. At times a problem of resistance may occur, teachers who are not willing to give their best effort and change make it impossible to practice the new curriculum and evaluate its effectiveness in the ESL instruction. Curriculum is not a vacuum (Sellas) times change and so does the curriculum many teachers are not taking this aspect into consideration. If teachers do not read the document they are most likely going to do things incorrectly.

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