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            Freedom has been discussed and debated for a while now and no one can completely agree that it exists. Does it really exist? Can one do what they feel because they have the want to? And how far does freedom exist without restraints?.
             Being free is to be able to have an opinion or act on a decision with out fear of oppression from society or from government. There are two sides to the idea of freedom. One side is that freedom is the rights of an individual. This concept is focused more on individual liberty and not as much as community-based. Freedom is personal liberty meaning that it is freedom of you. This can be, as long as you do not violate the rights of others. When it comes to the other way of thinking, freedom is focused more on the community. For example Martin Luther King Jr. preached about equality among "whites and blacks" and for freedom of the blacks from mental and physical slavery. This was a community of people that wanted freedom from oppression of another group of people. Either way, freedom means to say or do something knowing that you have the support of others and being able to stand up for what you believe in.
             In life, everyone has restraints. There are restraints from school, from your parents, the law and the God. No one is free to do what he or she wants without dealing with some consequence in the end. I personally am not completely free. If you think about it, nobody is. I am restricted within myself. I cannot say whatever I want, because if I did I would make some serious enemies, and I'm sure I would get myself in a lot of trouble. I also cannot go wherever I want. I have to be in school between 8:00am and 2:30pm everyday, so I cannot just go to the mall whenever I feel like it. I have rules with my parents and my school. My parents own me. I have to check with them about everything, and can barely make decisions for myself without their approval. I am a captive in my own home and my own head.

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