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When Pride Still Mattered

             The title of my autobiography is "When Pride Still Mattered" by Vince Lombardi. "When Pride Still Mattered" was published in 1994 by Simon and Schuster Inc. The main point of the author that the reader should be aware of is that Vince Lombardi is considered to be the greatest football coach of all time and he was especially noted for his motivational speeches. Although he never directly tells the reader his purpose of writing this book, it is lead to believe that it is written to inspire all who read this story excel in whatever they try to do.
             2. The author had been most influenced by his mother, Matilda Lombardi. Throughout Vince's life she has sculpted him to possess many qualities such as discipline and faith. She was considered "domineering" when barking out orders. Her children were given loads of chores so that her family creed, "There should be no time for lolling around", would be fulfilled. Vince also explained how his family did not disobey her much at all for the simple fact that "she would hit first and ask questions later", which made It difficult to use excuses. .
             3. Although it was never specifically said, I believe based on the evidence that was given that the church was the author's place of importance. No matter where Vince was located in his life he would always fulfill his obligations to his faith and the church. He had said himself, "The church was not some distant intuition to be visited once a week, but a part of the rhythm of daily life." There was even a point in his life that he sincerely thought he would become a priest. "It was while standing there amid the color and pageantry, scarlet and white vestments, golden cross, scepters, the wafers and wine, body and blood, the obedient flock coming forward, that the inspiration came to me that I should become a priest.".
             4. Ironically enough, if you look at a man whose life has been surrounded by football, the author's clearest childhood memory was the first contact he had encountered in the game of football.

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