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Wuthering Heights

            The Essence of Equality at the Moors.
             Although Heathcliff and Catherine's endless yearning for each other reached further than the dark and gloomy pits of death itself, the fulfillment of love and happiness was only reached within the few moments of reality spent at their rocky castle in the moors.
             Wuthering Heights was the estate that belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw along with their two children Hindley and Catherine, and the dappled and sullen waif given the name Heathcliff. From the beginning of the novel the house alone gives off clues of evil being present, not that the house was haunted by demons and spirits, just the sense of revenge, cruelty, and hatred among its inhabitants. The weather was always extremely harsh consisting of bone-chilling snowstorms and pungent downpours. Over Wuthering Heights hovers "a horror of great darkness;" where during these outraged storms the air seemed to at times breathe lightening (Chelsea 4184). "Wuthering" helped depict the brutality of the climate in Yorkshire, England, with its atmospheric tumult. Wuthering Heights was a hell to all who resided there, especially to Heathcliff during his time there because it seemed as though he could never escape the deep sorrows and revengeful spirit that this new life brought upon him. It was always clear that for him Wuthering Heights would never become a comforting haven as he dreamed it would (Maskill 1665-66).
             Through Catherine Earnshaw's eyes ,as a child, Wuthering Heights was simply her home where she was once so wonderfully fresh and so fearfully natural (Chelsea 4179). Her and Hindley faught and played together like normal brother and sister until Heathcliff was brought home by their father one afternoon. As she grew older and her love for Heathcliff matured, Wuthering Heights became more of a burden and a place to escape than a place of refuge. .
             The neighboring estate known as Thrushcross Grange is the ostentatious home of the Lintons and impresses Catherine and encourages her transformation her into a "lady".

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