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Wuthering Heights

            Wuthering Heights gives the story of events occurring on the estates of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. Although they lie within miles of each other, they are two very different places. Throughout the novel, the atmosphere of both homes suffers a change due to an individual's death. This is easy to note upon examining the story in chronological order.
             At the beginning of the story, Wuthering Heights can be described as happy and joyous (Chapter 4). This is reflected through the use of words such as "kind-, "kissed-, and "laughing-. It shows a pleasant and loving home. However, this feeling soon changes once Heathcliff is brought into the home. The atmosphere is suddenly changed to being dark, gloomy, and uncivilized. Although tone is usually implied, the narrator actually clearly defines the changing impression of the home by stating, ". from the very beginning, he [Heathcliff] bred bad feeling in the house;- (Chapter 4). It is also reflected by the obvious dislike of Heathcliff by others and their sudden change in the disposition. Hindley becomes jealous and reserved, described as having "scorn- and "rage-. Catherine becomes wilder, and Heathcliff is soon proud (Chapter 5). However, because of the use of such words as "black- and "disadvantage- one can see that Heathcliff's pride is not a positive quality. The father's disposition also worsens as he becomes deathly ill. However, the gloominess only becomes stronger after the death of Mr. Earnshaw. Not only does Hindley become tyrannical, but also he does not raise the children properly. By the narrator stating that they will probably "grow up as rude as savages;-, the reader gains a sense of the disorderly and chaotic home (Chapter 6). Through Hindley's behavior and attempt at revenge, the happiness of Catherine and Heathcliff prove to be unattainable at Wuthering Heights. .
             In contrast to Wuthering Heights, Thrushcross Grange is like heaven.

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