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The Story of Freedom

             Women over many centuries have played biggest role in our society. In the early times they were mostly mothers, house wives, and care takers. Women were not allowed to have equal rights as men. Today, women are equal as men. Women are given equal choices, the right to be free, right to work, right to vote, and even right to choose who they want to marry or if they want to stay single. Today's society is much different for women than it was in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. Women were not given many choices. There were still arrange marriages and divorces were also not allowed. To demonstrate some era of that time, author Kate Chopin writes short story to give us better ideas on women and the roles that they play during that time. Kate Chopin in "The story of an Hour," demonstrates that in the late 1800's women desperately wanted freedom.
             Mrs. Mallard one of the many woman from that period was truly seeking for freedom. She never shows her true feelings. What were her true feelings? Mrs. Mallard was a married woman. She loved her husband, but at times, she did not. .
             Louis Mallard was a woman already facing heart problems. Taking that in factor, the news of her husband's death, would be a great shock to her. At least that's what her sister, Josephine and Richard, friend of Mr. Mallard, assumed. "She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept the significance"( Chopin 295). Chopin writes this sentence to illustrates the forthcoming events that were going to occur in Mrs. Mallard's life. Reading these points in the story makes the reader realize Mrs. Mallard is sad to hear the news of her husband's death. The truth is, Mrs. Mallard, after hearing the news of her husband's death quickly runs upstairs to her room. "She would have no one followed her" ( Chopin 295). After Josephine tells the new of Brently to Louis, Louis quickly plunges upstairs to express her true feeling.

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