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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

             Buffy the Vampire Slayer is about Buffy a teenage girl who finds out that she is the Chosen One. The show takes you on a tour of the underworld of vampires, demons, and other unworldly creatures. The show took place for seven years in the town of Sunnydale, CA were the Hellmouth, the door to the underworld lies. The show looked at the difficulties of destiny and friendship. .
             As the Chosen One, Buffy only has two goals: Save the world and live to tell about. She is a strong independent woman, but still dependent on her mother, her Watcher, and her friends. Buffy did not always like being the slayer especially when it hurt anyone she loved. Buffy has only loved on man, Angle. Angle, vampire with a soul, and Buffy were soul mates. They could never be together because Angle could not have true happiness with out having his soul taken way. Angle move to LA so they would not torture each other with see each other knowing that they could never be together. During the last three seasons of the show, Buffy has grown as a person. She died to let her sister live. When Buffy died, she went to heaven then was brought back by her friends. Back from the dead, she went through a rough year, but came out stronger in the end. At the end of the show Buffy learn that it was not a bad career being the slayer and now she is not the only one.
             Being the slayer's best friend can be tough, but Willow handles it well. When the show first started, she was a shy, uncertain girl; by the time the show ended, she was a powerful witch. Willow in the time that the show was on the air, she dated a werewolf, ended up being a lesbian, went to the dark arts, and ended up saving the world. Willow could do anything on a computer. Between Giles and her, there was nothing that they could not solve.
             The goof ball of the bunch was Xander. He was on the show for the comic relief. Xander was the one always getting hurt, or just plain getting in trouble.

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