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The Removalists

            The scene which I have chosen comes from act 1 from pages 51 to 56. This component from the text pressures on to knew personalities Fiona and Kate and continues to reveal characteristics of the two central characters Ross and Simmonds.
             Prior to the segment I have chosen Fiona and Kate enter the police station to report an offence of physical assault against Fiona by her husband Kenny. Sergeant Simmonds is immediately taken by the beauty of the two ladies and changes his tone to please the ladies, especially Kate.
             The carnal conspiracy between Kate and Simmonds continues as the play enters the section which I have chosen, the two ladies continue to talk to the officers explaining that Fiona wants to move out to protect herself and especial her daughter Sophie .Although Fiona is concerned to how the furniture will be moved into her new flat .
             Simmonds who is interested in the predicament continues to ask where and how Fiona met Kenny. Soon enough the conversation turns to the bruises on Fiona left from the bashing, and Simmonds, through Fiona's discretion examines these bruises not for the interest of the investigation but for the interest of his sexual fantasies .
             The segment which I am out laying is important to the play as it introduces two key characters Fiona and Kate. It shows the canal conspiracy between Kate and the sergeant which aligns the next scene to involve not only Kate, Kenny and Fiona but also Ross and Simmonds. .
             As for developing characters its shows that Kate and Fiona are extremely attractive and flirtatious. Sergeant Simmonds uses his power of authority to intrigue the ladies, especially Kate whilst Ross remains the inexperienced police officer susceptible to the intimidation of the sergeant .
             The dramatic techniques and devices used in this section are used to communicate ideas and create meaning. Firstly dialogue is a major aspect of a playwright as you must rely on it to tell the story and to show the personality of a certain character.

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