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The Removalists

            The working relationship of Constable Neville Ross and Sergeant Dan Simmonds is revealed throughout their conversations in the play. In many scenes they reveal their interpersonal relationship to each other and what kind of character they are.
             The first scene where Simmonds and Ross interact is in the first act, where Simmonds is examining Ross by questioning him continuously. During this scene Simmonds and Ross have a long conversation, Simmonds is very dominant over Ross, he shows to Ross that his the one who is in control and in charge. He shows this by asking Ross a lot of questions in some cases personal questions trying to find out what he does, what background he came from etc for example Simmonds asks Ross "so what's your old man do for a crust?"(.p33). During this conversation Simmonds also reveals that he is a very lazy person "Listen bone brain, I have never drawn a gun in all my whole twenty-three years as a policeman". In this scene it reveals Ross is a very secretive character he doesn't speak much, he either replies with "yeah", "No" etc or with short answers. Ross isn't a very ambitious character with his life either. Simmonds "Why did you join the force?" Ross "I really don't know" (pg.41).
             The interaction of Simmonds and Ross in the second scene is towards the end where Ross has killed Kenny. In this scene Ross becomes very hysterical and panicky evidence shown "Lets get a shotgun and make it look like suicide. Shoot his head off. Shoot out his bloody eyes" (pg.127). This shows Ross's lack of experience and control of his temper. Simmonds in this scene does not want to be part of the murder scene of Kenny and blames it on Ross "I"m not helping anyone boy. You did it!" This scene shows Simmonds lack of control and responsibility, where he should of taken control of the case and not let Ross do it, where as he knew it was only Ross's first day in the force.
             The third scene is after Kate Mason and Fiona Carter leave the police station.

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