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What did America go through during the Civil War?....

             What did America go through during the Civil War? Was America Changed? America During the Civil War Era went through many changes, both constitutional and social.
             During the Civil War and after, America went through many constitutional conflicts and development. One of the main developments was the 13th amendment. This amendment freed the slaves. But, they weren't really free. The United States of America still didn't reconized these "freedmen" as citizens. Some freedmen felt that since they faught in the war then they should get a right to vote (Doc C). Both of these were later granted to them in the 14th amendment, this amendment also stipulated that ex-Confederate leaders could not hold public office. Some people, such as Gideon Welles, Lincoln's Navy Secretary, felt that the federal government did not have the power to say who can vote (Doc D). Even after the 14th amendment was passed blacks continually were misstreated and terrorized by such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan.
             Now that the Blacks where freed, social reconstruction needed to take place. Laws such as the Black Codes, were put into effect to, "keep Blacks in their place." Whites also refused to sell their lands to Blacks (Doc E). But the government took away these laws and put in effect new laws to protect the freedmen's rights, such as the Civil Rights Bill, the Black Codes being one of it's targets. To further insure the safty of the rights of the Blacks, the government sent troops to watch the voting booths. This was supported by many people in the north, notably a magazine called Nation stating their support for federal troops in the south protecting the Black's rights (Doc H).
             Was the Civil War, and the period fellowing it, really a revolution? Some may say no, and some may say yes. In all reality it was both. Blacks finally received what they have been yerning for, their freedom. And now they were official U.S citizens.

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