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The Inevitability of the Civil War

             The American Civi War was inevitable. Though efforts had been made by those from the northern states to stop it, the majority of southerners were adamant that war was a necessary means to an end. Though northerners didn't want to go to war, they couldn't do anything but retaliate after they were attacked by the angry and volatile confederates. The Civil War is surely one of America's darkest moments, lasting four long and arduous years (1961-1965). The conflict that existed was between the north and the south states of the U.S. The conflict led to mass destruction of property and man lives were lost during the war. T.
             The war had a great impact in creating awareness in the U.S despite the great tension it created, and was the greatest determinant of the way the U.S is currently in terms of the sovereignty and the liberty of the U.S citizens. It is estimated that over 600,000 lives were lost in the four years' war most of them being soldiers who were fighting to defend their respective states. The war did not only touch the lives of Americans but whole world felt its effect. The war was purely American since no other country intervened in the war (James & Michael, 17). .
             The war was definitely caused by a number of factors. The most intriguing question is whether the war that was both a landmark in the American history and a cause of misery was inevitable. The truth of the matter is, despite many arguments by scholars and historians; the war was quite inevitable given the factors that caused the bloody conflict. The nature, context and causes of the war are the major reasons why the war could not be evaded. The causes of the war were so complex despite the fact that many easily predicted the war without looking at the central issues.
             Disagreement Between the North and the South on Slavery.
             The most important and focal point of the war was slavery. In the 1800's there existed the Free states and those states that were classified as slavery states.

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