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The Inevitable Civil War

             There have been many publications concerning the Civil War, with writers trying to prove a point in their respective works. In this analysis to follow, the Union/Confederate ambitions and ways of fulfillment depict a direct correlation between themselves to the Civil War. The war itself, as we shall see, shows what effort was put into their causes and at such a horrendous price.
             First, focus goes to the south, or the Confederacy's ambitions and their methods of fulfillment towards the Union. Foremost, the South sensed the need for fighting just as the founding fathers had fought for in the war for Independence. Like the naissance fathers, the Confederacy felt oppressed with the majority of power belonging to a powerful elitist group, especially in the political realm. With power also comes influence, so the South simply disagreed with the North's attitude towards them. For example, the North wanted the South to convert into an industrialized society to fit with the then present age. Naturally, the economy would have profited much more, but the South still adhered to their habitual agrarian, manual, society that of course included slaves. Furthermore, the south despised northern abolitionists for wanting to create anti-slavery groups in the newly acquired territories of Nebraska and Kansas. So proslavery advocates arose in these states and tried to persuade Kansas and Nebraska to approve slavery. One result "was the border war that erupted between proslavery and antislavery forces in bleeding Kansas". If the new states chosen to remain slave free then the balance of power would favor the North in terms of state representatives in the Senate. Divergent economic theories (southern agrarian way of living) and government power led the South to create a goal called the "sacred right of self government", meaning that a different administration will govern the land that will become the Confederacy.

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