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Healthy Family

            Is Your Family As Healthy As You THINK?.
             Is your family healthy as you think? If not, what would you do to improve .
             it? A healthy family is a family with a primary source of love, joy, warmth, and .
             togetherness. The perfect example of a healthy family is depicted in the well-known .
             and popular television advertisement for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day .
             Saints. However, the average family's life is full of many challenging problems and .
             conflicts. My family lacks some of the most important values that a healthy family .
             should have. I don"t expect my family to ever be featured in an ad for the Mormon .
             Church, but I do think we can strive to become a healthier family. In fact, if my .
             family makes a huge effort to improve in three key areas my family will then be a .
             closer and a healthier family.
             First of all, my family needs to spend more time together. Spending time .
             together has been very hard these past few years. .
             There are many ways to improve this, but I .
             think the main thing for them to do is to get a job where they can work only during .
             the day so they can spend time during the evening with their children. In times like .
             these, it is hard for both of my parents to get a job working during the day so we .
             could spend time together. It is hard to find time, but if we could set aside thirty .
             minutes, to an hour, to just sit down to watch television, talk about how our day .
             went, or play a game it would help my family come closer in spending more time .
             together. .
             Furthermore, my family needs to have a stronger, loving relationship. When .
             I growing up my family went through a lot of ups and downs. At times .
             my father and my mother would fight, and we would have to leave home for days. .
             Now that we have grown up, the fighting has stopped, but the arguing has not. .
             My parents not being able to get along has affected to my sisters and me, yet.
             My parents don"t understand why we don"t get along. My parents fail to realize that .

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