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             "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne is about a man, Aylmer, whose fixation on his wife, Georgiana's birthmark eventually leads to her death. Aylmer and Georgiana have similarities and differences. They are similar because Aylmer and Georgiana, both have flaws. Aylmer and Georgiana are different, because Aylmer is selfish and Georgiana is selfless. Another difference is the way both of them viewed the birthmark. Aylmer felt the birthmark was ugly; meanwhile Georgiana viewed it as beauty.
             Aylmer and Georgiana both had flaws. Aylmer was a monomaniac. This means he is a person who is fixated upon one thing, Georgiana's birthmark. Aylmer constantly thought about this retched birthmark. At night, when sleep is peaceful, came the dream. He dreamt of removing the birthmark the more he cut the birthmark the deeper it went, until it caught hold of Georgiana's heart. Aylmer who was so obsessed with Georgiana being perfect, therefore eventually performed an experiment to remove the birthmark. However, Georgiana was also flawed like Aylmer. Georgiana was born with a mark upon her left cheek. The mark was a deeper crimson, and resembled a hand shaped image. When Georgiana blushed, the color of her birthmark faded into an open rose, but when her white, pale skin lye next to her birthmark, it was still a very vivid color.
             Aylmer and Georgiana are also very different. Aylmer is extremely selfish and Georgiana is extremely selfless. Aylmer continued to hurt Georgiana emotionally. Aylmer felt that Georgiana's birthmark was a flaw of nature. He could not stop dwelling on the fact, that there was an imperfection resting upon his wife's cheek. Aylmer made sure that Georgiana knew the way he felt. Aylmer thought he was a man of science, and that he could fix this imperfection to make her perfect. During the experiment Aylmer gave Georgiana a potion, in which she drank. As her birthmark seemed to fade so did her life.

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