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The Portrait of Dorian Gray

             The Picture of Dorian Gray was a movie that went through the life of a young man. A young man who deceived the world around him through words, actions and lies. A world that ended his life. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who had a precise definition for the term tragedy. He believed the ideal protagonist in a tragedy contained three distinct characteristics. Dorian Gray (the protagonist) was of some significance, had a character flaw, and his own character flaw inevitably resulted in his demise.
             Dorian Gray was a young man of his twenties. He was well respected by the older gentlemen of the town and was well known by the ladies. He bore a special significance through out the story in that many people knew the face of this intriguing gentleman but not the name. He was whispered about through the town as practicing something unnatural but no one bothered to turn him away or dislike him. He was just another man that brought life and enjoyment to the afternoon gossips as a man who remained young for all time. His significance that reigned over him was he was rich, respected and admired. He had many close friends through out his life but some ended in a far worse fate then he did.
             Every protagonist has a character flaw that will result in his or her demise. Dorian Gray went from a quiet, well-respected man to a lonely questioned outsider. He had everything but overcome by the want to be young forever overpowered his heart and he inevitably gave his soul for one wish. The wish that his portrait portrayed what was happening in his life and he; he would remain young and handsome forever. His one flaw that at first seemed so innocent and small to him ended up becoming him and transforming him in ways he never imagined. However, all good must come to an end and for Dorian it came all too soon.
             Dorian's character flaw inevitably resulted in his death. He reached the age of thirty-eight still portraying the looks of a twenty year old.

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