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Gun Control

            Teens of the decade are having an easier time.
             obtaining firearms with which they are jaunting around.
             on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School in.
             Littleton, Colorado. That fateful Tuesday began as.
             any other day with a 6:15 a.m. bowling class which.
             both murderers, Dylan Klebold-17 and Eric Harris-18,.
             attended. Both of prominent backgrounds, Eric's.
             father a retired Air Force officer and Dylan's father.
             a geologist, the two belonged to a group called the.
             Trenchcoat Mafia. Members of this group believed in.
             the Goth, black clothing, nihilism, and real rock.
             music, were constantly made fun of by the "jocks who.
             wore white baseball caps." As reported that morning,.
             Dylan wore a shirt that read Serial Killer, as he.
             always did. By 11:00 a.m. Dylan and Eric had changed.
             into their trademark black wraparound shades and long,.
             black trenchcoats. As they walked toward the.
             cafeteria, which contained about 500 students, they.
             claimed their first victim. One of the murderers.
             walked up to 17-year old Rachel Scott and shot her.
             point blank range in the head. They then continued.
             into the cafeteria where they opened fire. Klebold.
             and Harris were armed with a sawed off double barrel.
             shotgun, a TEC 9 semiautomatic, a sawed off pump.
             shotgun, a 9mm semiautomatic rifle, a propane tank,.
             and more than 30 homemade pipe bombs. After leaving.
             the cafeteria the killers entered the library and.
             roamed the halls of the school while laughing at each.
             shot given off. Students who were hiding nearby the.
             library heard one gunman yell "All jocks stand up!".
             followed by gunfire, terrified screams, and cruel.
             laughter. SWAT teams finally entered the school.
             around 12:30 p.m., but police wouldn't start to free.
             people for another two hours. At 4:30 police found.
             the suicide victims of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.
             with live ammunition still attached to their bodies. .
             They left twelve students and one teacher dead, and.
             twenty three wounded.
             On May, 3, 1999 Mark Manes was arrested on the.

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