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             The two friends sat across from each other, drinking incessantly. Beer for beer and shot for shot, the two were keeping pace with one another. As they both set down their glasses, Hal began to speak.
             "Hey you remember that time back in high school when we were in detention together and I shot that rubber band and it landed in Mrs. Quillace's hair. But she didn't feel it 'cause her hair was so poofed up! Oh man that was a classic!".
             His audience of one, nodded in agreement smiling. He was reflecting on that particular event which resulted in them getting thrown out of detention, only to come back the next day to fulfill the rest of your "sentence" with an extra day added on. This seemed like an odd practice, to put someone back in a room he got kicked out of in the first place? Of all the places he'd been to and promptly kicked out of, none ever demanded he still come back for extended periods of time. Instead, if and when you show up again you not only get thrown out but probably roughed up in the process, not to mention the law getting involved.
             Hal was also reflecting on this instance, but yet another act of mischief popped into his head.
             "You remember when we went to McDonalds with the guys that one time. The time we almost got caught up, we were walking from the parking lot and Officer Kitty (security guard) headed us off. I remember he was like-.
             "So you have a nice lunch?" .
             " but thanks to that cheeseburger Sean left behind man, I was just like-.
             "Well yeah, here I brought ya back a cheeseburger!".
             " that was cool of him, he knew it was a quick excuse in a pinch, but he still let us go that was really cool of him.".
             By this time Hal wasn't smiling anymore, he always got sad reflecting on high school and days gone by. He had it made back then. He had so many friends, went to so many parties, had so much fun. Hal picked up his glass and peered through teary eyes, at his only friend.

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