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Time to Say Goodbye

             When I heard the song "Time To Say Goodbye" at first time from radio, I hade to stop my car for listening to this song more carefully because this song came to me as medicine for my hurt feeling due to breaking up with my girl friend. Although I could not interpret the English lyric at the first time, I could feel the story and the singers' ardent emotion by listening with my heart.
             This song, which well known for meeting exclusively classic aria and popular music shifted Andrea Bocelli from an obscure singer to a successful and popular musician. Even though Andrea's ability of voice isn't strong and deep enough to be an opera tenor, he makes this song more exquisite; therefore, people acclaim him as voice of soul, and I really agree with the valuation. And this new style of song also helps people to be accustomed to classic music such as an aria in opera. As a result of this beautiful song, this album, Time to Say Good Bye', has been sold more than three hundred million albums.
             The song, Time to Say Good Bye,' can be divided to 5 parts. First part of this song starts with Sara Brightman's tender voice, violin, which makes the melody soft and tender, and bass. It seems to be the tempo of song is getting fast, but it isn't. In this part the woman tries to ensure her loved man before she leaves him. Then the voice of the soprano, Sara Brightman, is getting higher and softer. It sounds like a woman never wants to leave her loved one, but she finally does. In the third part of this song, the man knows that he has to let her go even though he never wants it. Next part of the song is that the tenor, Andrea Bocelli, sings deeply and higher with his pure voice. It seems he will regret to tell her good bye, yet he will overcome it. This part of this song is extremely sad. Finally, Sara Brightman and Andrea Bocelli sing simultaneously with splendid harmony just like the bass and violin do in this song from begin to end.

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