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We are More Like Sisters

            I can clearly remember the day my best friend, Lannah Tamborello, moved to Chicago. It feels as if it were just yesterday, the grief we both felt. We still smiled all day that day, just to keep each other from crying. But as soon as I got into my car, and drove away from her house, I broke down. That was the moment it all became so surreal.
             Lannah and I figured out there was a slight possibility she would be moving because of a new opening for a job her dad was entitled to. We didn't think anything of it at the time, we just went on about our day as we usually did. That was until the end of the school year. We both became extremely anxious, waiting for her dad's interview feedback. Then summer came, and I immediately left for Missouri, and we still hadn't heard anything. Then Lannah left for Dallas-- still nothing, and I began thinking her dad didn't get accepted because they were taking so long. That's when my high hopes came crashing down in the middle of June. We felt crushed, hopeless if you will, our friendship was done. At least, that's what we thought.
             I returned home July 8th, Lannah wouldn't be coming to Norman to spend her last days for another week. Then a week after that, Chicago would now be her new home. Both of our minds were determined to spend that final week, together. While we were waiting to be reunited with each other, we were both in the midst of creating our "going away" gifts for each other. I personalized our very own t-shirts, and she made two canvases with some pictures of us together and letters we wrote to each other. That's when Lannah came home and I knew it would be just a matter of time before she was gone, but I quickly brushed those nagging thoughts out of my mind, and focused on being happy to spend her last days in Norman with her. Our wishes were granted, we spent every minute of it together, until the last day.
             What started as such a great final day with Lannah, turned into all tears, for the both of us.

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