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A Sisters Balance

            Two important characters out of the Greek tragedy "Antigone- are bound together yet pushed so far apart. Sophocles, the author, creates the bond of sisterhood and the separation of independent people between Antigone and Ismene. They are written as two different characters that balance each others traits out. Antigone being the rash, inflexible, acting in passion, strong willed one. Ismene being the yielding, reasonable, rash, wanting everyone to like her, doesn't want to create conflict type of person. To mesh these two characters together as one would create a very wise woman and seperating these two characters in a one good, one bad, type of way creates conflict; making the story more enjoyable in my opinion.
             Antigone is told over and over again by numerous people about her stubborn personality. In the very beginning of the play Antigone's sister Ismene makes a few different comments on Antigone's behavior, telling her she has a "rash heart- (2). Before even knowing what Antigone was asking of her Ismene was thinking Antigone hadn't thought it through like Ismene wanted her to. Trying to reason with Antigone, Ismene tells her, "Your heart beats hotly "passion- (3). Pointing out Antigone's stubborn side, she's going on what she feels without thinking it out. A few of the choruses and Creon bluntly call her "daring- (32) and "stubborn- (18). Telling her she speaks "wild .
             Castro 2.
             words beyond control-. She can't be talked down or reasoned with rationally, she speaks her own mind wildy. Tieresias mentions to Creon that Antigone is "obstinate- (38), stubbornly adhering to her own attitude. All these things are exactly what Antigone is; Antigone knows it, she even proves it. She didn't have to let it be known that she buried her brother, but she told Ismene to tell everyone. She wanted Creon to find out what she had done. Antigone wasn't going to let anyone, even a man, to overthrow her thoughts.

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