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Why People Kick People Out Of Chat Rooms

            All over the internet chatrooms, people kick other people off the chatline. There are many ways to do this and many reasons why people do this. Some just do it for the fun of it, and others do it just to simply get rid of people they do not like. The reasons can vary, however, because everyone has there own reason. Although this does have many consequences, people still do it.
             Kicking people off the chatline means that people have to use boot programs that have been created. They have to download them and could have a virus attached to them which could destroy or harm other computers. About one out of every five programs will have a virus or a trojan attached.
             Also, whatever chat client used will know if these programs are used and they will patch them. Once they patch them, this means they will no longer be affective. So we will have to go download new one's that arent patched. The chat client will also ban the chat name that people are using when they are doing the booting, which will cause you to have to make new names.
             There are also boot protection programs out there that people get to keep them from getting booted, however, these programs usually cost money. There are very few people who get these programs because of the cost. People can aslo report abuse to the chat client about who is doing the booting, and this will aslo lock your accounts. Once accounts have been locked they can no longer be accessed.
             Finally, while booting may be entertaining, it has its effects also. Some are good but many are harmful. If people are going to boot people then they should have to handle the consequences for there actions. After all they are the ones who made the choice.Chatrooms are like a war of there own. Everyone's always fighting, talking about each other and stuff.When the only thing you need to actually do is just press the ignore button on them to get rid of them.

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