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            The hundred children lined up from the chosen town were all either anxious, scared, or just emotionless. Some were crying, some scowling, some just standing there. They watched as the lead scientist, Doctor Loe, climbed the steps leading up to the podium. Adjusting the mic and clearing his throat, he took out a folded peice of paper with the names of the six chosen human children. The audience waited, the parents fidgeting. It would be an honor for their children to be the chosen ones, to keep up the human race. .
             Dr. Loe unfolded the paper and several children tensed up. Finally, he spoke, almost emotionless but with a faint trace of excitement. .
             "We would like to announce our chosen children for this wonderful yet dangerous experiment. These children will be picked to carry on the human race, to help deal with criminals, poaching, and so on. The names of these children are." Everyone held their breath. "Xander Karls, Leo Narmeck, Jay Turner, Belinda Qua, Kit Leon, and Gigi Lonnz." The six kids' mouths dropped wide open. Then, one by one, they shuffled towards the podium and climbed the short stairs in order of which they were called. Xander: dark brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, troublemaker. Leo: blonde hair, blue eyes, pale, flirt. Jay: black hair, green eyes, average colored, non-interactive. Belinda: red hair, brown eyes, average colored, popular. Kit: blonde hair, blue eyes, pale, creepy. Gigi: light brown hair, dark blue eyes, slightly tanned, smart. .
             All six were shaken and just slightly concerned. Clapping broke out and made walking harder. After a few minutes, Xander started to smile and wave his arms, then bowed. Leo was shaking his head and mumbling, but broke out into a smile when he saw his fans batting their eyelashes and waving at him. Jay had his hands shoved deep into his pockets and said nothing. Belinda was still shaky and had to be supported by a nearby guard.

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