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Looking at the World

             After reading "What Holds the Water, What Holds the Light" by Linda Hogan I became more aware of our surrounding environment, which is often taken for granted. Linda is a wonderful writer. She uses many descriptive words that allow the reader to obtain a feel of emotion and a vision of the situation and scene that she is explaining. The world is very valuable to our lives in themselves and is often overlooked and taken for granted. If it wasn't for the world that we know as Earth filled with trees, grass, water, etc., we would not be able to survive; there would be no human race. If we could survive without the things we often view as important and valuable to our lives then wouldn't there be life in our surrounding universe? For example, many people don't think twice before littering, as if the world is a garbage can. In reality it wouldn't hurt you in any way by taking a couple extra minutes or a drive to a garbage can. The Bushman people use the term "far-hearted" to describe these kinds of behavior, attitude, and actions. "This far-hearted kind of thinking is one we are especially prone to now, with our lives moving so quickly ahead, and it is one that sees life, other lives, as containers for our own use and not as containers in a greater sense." If something doesn't have a direct effect serving and enhancing ones life they are most likely not going to place value on it. It seems as if we are always trying a new way to communicate and speak. "To say we want a new way to live in the world, to say that wilderness and water, blue herons and orange newts are invaluable not just to us, but in themselves, in the workings of the natural world that rules us whether we like it or not." People are always living in the future. They are always thinking of what is happening tomorrow or later that evening. As a result they are always waiting, waiting for this to be over so I can go do that and a wide range of others.

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