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Potty Training

             When babies are born, many daily chores you do for that baby are exciting. Giving your baby a bottle, a warm bath, and even changing diapers become bonding experiences. Then something happens, your baby starts to grow up! All of a sudden, your fragile newborn is an independent toddler with other things on his mind than diaper time. Now, the time has come for potty training. Potty training can either be an easy task, or a parents worst nightmare. Before you start the potty training process, you should know the signs of readiness your child will exhibit, how to begin the process and the steps to follow, and some common problems you may encounter along the way. The first step in beginning this process is knowing the signs of readiness. Teaching your child to use the toilet takes time, understanding, and patience. The important thing to remember is that you can not rush your child into using the toilet. Most signs begin to emerge between 18 and 24 months of age. Does your child stay dry for at least two hours during the day and wakes up from naps dry? This indicates that he's able to stay dry for an extended period of time during the day. Babies who are ready to learn the potty will show an interest in the toilet and underwear, be able to stand up and sit down well, and have an obvious discomfort in soiled diapers. Also, your baby should have predictable bowel movements on a regular basis. These are the most basic signs that children have when they are old enough to begin potty training.
             Now you"re ready to start learning the steps. Once you're ready to start, take your child into the bathroom with you, and talk about what you're doing. Use consistent words associated with potty training, pick a word you like for urinating and defecating (and body parts) but make sure it doesn't describe these in a negative way. Find a good potty chair for your little one, make sure it is low enough for your child to get on and off of by himself.

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