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             I am writing you this letter to inform you about the horrible accident on the night of December 3rd 1984. I cannot find the right words to start this letter, as I am overwhelmed with emotions that I cannot describe. .
             I would first like to thank you for helping India financially and using Indian workers in the plant to provide a living for them. I would also like to thank you for providing a job for my husband and killing my daughter. The disaster didn't only affect me and my family, but it affected the whole city. That day we were running for our lives and many were lying dead on the ground.
             I know and everyone else knows that there were many security breaches, and that the company lacked security measures. No security measures and you put the factory right in the middle of the city, near our houses. First of all MIC gas, which your company was using to produce the pesticide "sevin", should be handled very carefully and should be stored under refrigeration but you didn't even bother to use the refrigeration unit, which wasn't even working, and kept MIC under normal temperatures rather than refrigerating it. "God bless" that official who asked you to place the factory somewhere far from the city, and what did you do? You just fired him. Many of us worried about where the plant was built, but you just ignored us, and built your plant. MIC gas was stored in a tank, which had a temperature gauge, but the gauge wasn't working properly and the gas leaked, you didn't have any safety devices installed to neutralize the gas.
             What did you do during the disaster? Nothing the workers just went to their tea break, even though their eyes were burning and watering, and they saw that the tank was leaking and the gas was escaping, and they came back after 1 hour the tank was completely empty and the gas spread all over to the neighboring houses and shacks and left devastation all around. I was resting in my house late at night when suddenly I heard all this loud banging outside, I woke up and went to the window and I saw all these people laying dead on the ground suddenly this dark yellow cloud entered my house.

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