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Political Science

            The Libertarian ideology is one that found its root in Robert Nozick's Anarchy theory according to Vernon Van Dyne. The American political scene is one of quandary and disillusionment. Conservative and Liberal ideologies have built up so much power within their political parties that they control every aspect of American politics. Is there a solution to the stagnant stalemate called American Politics? Many Americans feel the answers to the problems in American politics are a third party. A recent poll conducted by Time Magazine shows that 60 percent of the people polled would be "willing to vote for a non-major-party candidate". Many individuals have shown that they would consider voting for a third party candidate if the ideology was a better fit. Is there an Ideology out there, which has seen some gains and prosperity within dominant two party systems, to be the answer for the people? The third largest political party in America is the Libertarian Party.
             The Libertarian Ideology makes up the largest third party in America but its influence is far from reaching mainstream acceptance. The Libertarian Party was established in 1971 as a counter offer to the Democrats and Republicans. The Libertarian Party platform "advocates individual liberty and minimal government". The Libertarian Party stance on every major issue can be attributed to the belief in the supremacy of individual rights. The Libertarians refuse any governmental growth and favor the restructuring of the current American government to a shell of what it is today. The Libertarian Party may appear to be a viable third choice in American politics but the two dominant political parties have firmly declared their supremacy in American politics; by legislation and their ability to adapt.
             Unfortunately, the Libertarian Ideology is facing an uphill battle to gain recognition and respect as a political entity. The Conservative and Liberal Ideologies have deeply rooted themselves as the only viable political choices in America.

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