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             Propane has many names it is referred to. Most of them are common sense to chemistry type people, yet other people have no ides where they came up with those odd names. We just learned how to name compounds like propane. With that I know have a much more understanding for the names given to propane. Dimethyl methane, n-Propane, and simple propane are all equal to one compound. Propane has a very simple model. This model consists of three carbons with associated hydrogen atoms to complete the octet rule. So finishing that association you end with C3H8. .
             Propane is a unique product that comes from natural gas. Propane is a colorless, gaseous hydrocarbon, of the methane series. Taking natural gas and increasing the pressure and decreasing the temperature at which all other substances separate from the propane produce this gas. .
             Propane was discovered by Dr. Walter Snelling, who was trying to find the reason why gasoline was evaporating at such a high rate in 1910. He realized that the evaporating gases where propane, butane and other hydrocarbons. Using coil from an hot water heater and other pieces of equipment in his laborty he separated the gasoline into its separate liquids and gasses. By 1912 propane was already cooking food for families all over. The first car powered by propane was in 1913. Dr. Snelling sold his propane patent to Frank Phillips for $50,000 and now it is over $8 million in America alone. .
             Business, industries and farms all have a high use for propane. There are many reasons that propane works out so well for everyone, like that fact that it can e supplied almost anywhere and anytime. Since it leaves no residue when it is burned it easily meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's clean air standards. Propane can also be stored forever, unlike gasoline and fuel oil, which deteriorates over time. Space heating has nearly 60% of the U.S.'s commercial and industrial buildings depend on gas heat.

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