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             The "Neptunes" reign today as hip hop's most successful production team. For all the dummies out there that means they produce music- they write songs and make beats for other artists. Although the Neptunes aren't your ordinary producers .
             They are made up of Pharrell Williams, Chad and Shay(nobody knows Chad and Shay's surnames .) and have known each other since highschool. And one beautiful day they decided to make music of their own. When their powers combined they became . N*E*R*D!!!.
             The trio now introduce the album IN SEARCH OF . Mixing everything from hard hip hop beats to psychedelic pop to classic rock to new wave bringing a completely new sound to the pop landscape.
             They call themselves N*E*R*D because they have a different outlook on life. A nerd is a person who is proud of being smart, being witty and being clever when everyone else doesn't understand. That's how N*E*R*D see themselves. "If you ever listen to a nerd speak about their experience in high school, they tell a wicked story. They have a cool perspective because of all the stuff they've been through. You ask the average person, the kind of person that would tease nerds in high school, you ask them what their life is like and they"ll give this lame boring ass story you"ll snore to." .
             Not only are these guys really talented they are extremely deep aswell. They say things like "Follow your spirit" , "Peoples energies are made of their souls" and "use your internal compass". That's deep man. .
             So to all you bullies and "cool" guys out there who treat nerds badly, I challenge you to go out and get the cd . maybe it"l enlighten you and free your mind and turn you away from your uncool ways. Who knows. .
             Be peaceful.

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