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A Streetcar Named Desire

            This play's characters are really complex and make you think about their true intentions. I like New Orleans as the main setting for this play because of the sinful nature of New Orleans and Bourbon Street. All three main characters really aggravated me in this play. First, Blanche's mind remained in a delicate balance between sanity and insanity throughout the entire play. Almost like she was living in her own little fantasy land that she had made up. I believe that the loss of Belle Reve, the loss of her husband and the loss of her teaching job drove her to move in with her sister and to this state between sanity and insanity. She seemed to be screaming for attention the entire play. The sexual behavior she displayed revealed a women that was desperate for attention and would do anything to get it. Whenever any tensions or problems would arise she would always change the subject, drink alcohol, or not feel well. Her personally seemed fake to me. She repeatedly needed reassurance about her looks and was always taking a bath. I also saw an underlying issue between Blanche and Stella about Belle Reve. Blanche stayed at Bella Reeve to watch over her parents and bury them without any help from Stella. Stella completely abandoned her family. This issue repeatedly came up in the play but was never really discussed in length between them. When Stanley and Mitch finally confront her with her lies and discite she has nowhere to go. Finally, the rape by Stanley drove her over the edge and into insanity. Secondly, Stanley repeatedly beats Stella and treats her like an animal. He also repeatedly dug into Blanche's past to reveal it to Mitch and Stella to hurt Blanche. He questioned her about what happened to Bella Reve, he questioned her about why she had lost her teaching job, and he questions her about her rich friend that is taking her on a cruise. He even has a buddy check up on her reputation in Mississippi.

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