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Streetcar Named Desire

            ) Why can't Blanche live in Stanley's world in A Streetcar Named Desire? .
             Blanche is a character that represents part of the old customs of the South, she is not a participant in the progress that Williams describes is going through the United States. Blanche thinks still about social castes and superiority. Stanley is different; he's a hard working, blue collar citizen that is part of the new type of society that is being formed. He is the offspring of immigrants that had nothing and is still building something for him. Blanche and Stanley can't share the same world for other reasons, like that Stanley is brutish and abusive and Blanche acts like she's delicate and mild-mannered. We all know that it's not true but she portrays that. The biggest reason why Blanche and Stanley can't breathe the same air is that Stanley can't stand Blanche. As simple as that. He sees her as conniving, intrusive, deceitful and above all: a whore. His soul purpose in the play was to make her life miserable, which obviously he ended up realizing. He wasn't one of my favorite characters, he was the example of what a brutish, chauvinistic man is, but he got his way, giving us the lesson that not always the good people with the best intentions win. .

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