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Crop Circles

            For many years it was widely believed that the strange, unexplained designs appearing in various crops and fields around the world were simply an attempt at communication from an unknown alien life form. However, in the early 1990's, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley shocked the world by publicly coming forward as the original masterminds behind the mysterious circles, revealing the true source behind one of the single, largest paranormal phenomena in history.man.
             Dumbfounded scientists have contributed the crop circles to several different theories including plasma vortexes, earth energies, and microwave transient heating. However, Doug Bower said it best in a 1991 interview shortly after his confession stating, "It's only flattened corn." He then goes on to say, " I'd always been interested in UFOs and flying saucers.so I thought I'd make it look like one had landed. I"m still not sure what all the fuss is about." Whatever initially inspired him - divine guidance, the 1966 circle in a Queensland reed-bed, close to where Doug lived at the time, or simply one beer too many, the leap from local field trampler to extraterrestrial icon was swift. .
             Doug Bower, assisted by his pal Dave, made his first circle in a Hampshire wheat field sometime during the summer of 1978. They made it on their hands and knees with a four-foot metal bar normally used to secure the back-door of Doug's Southampton studio and soon became two of the most successful con artists the world has ever seen. Since that fateful summer night in England, thousands of circles have appeared throughout various regions of the world, such as in the U.S., Canada, throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. In fact, the only two countries where crop circle have never been reported are China and South Africa. .
             According to Doug and Dave, the tools needed to form a simple crop pattern are relatively unsophisticated.

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