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Crop Circles

             Crop circles are unexplained patterns that are found in fields, over tree-tops, and in ice and snow and are mostly often found in wheat or corn fields, but have also been found in oat, rape (canola), and barley. They are a world wide phenomena and they have been mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th Century, and almost 200 cases - some with eyewitness- have been reported prior to 1970. Since then, some eighty eyewitnesse have reported crop circles forming in under twenty seconds; cases are often accompanied by sightings of incandescent or brightly-coloured balls of light, shafts of light or structured flying craft. .
             Serious attention was given to the simple circles in 1980 in southern England. The designs appeared primarily as simple circles, circles with rings, and variations on the Celtic cross up into the mid 80s. Then they developed straight lines, creating pictograms, not unlike petroglyphs found at sacred sites thoughout the world. After 1990 the designs developed in complexity, and today it is not unusual to come across crop glyphs mimicking computer fractals and elements that relate to fourth dimensional quantum physics. Their sizes have also increased, some occupying areas as large as 200,000 sq ft. To date there have been over 10,000 reported and documented crop circles throughout the world, with some 90% emerging from southern England. While many still go unreported each year, the emegence of the phenomenon in the world media has allowed more information to be lodged. .
             According to TV documentaries, all crop circles up to 1992 were made by two simple, elderly men called Doug and Dave. It has since been discovered by researchers such as that the D&D story may have originated at the British Ministry of Defense - in collusion with the CIA, among others. Evidence supplied, suggested that the government had every intent to "cover up- the phenomenon by putting forward two hoaxers in an effort to quell growing public interest in crop circles.

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