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Child Abuse

            Child abuse is an unfortunate, but common occurrence in over 50 million homes just in America. There are three basic types of child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse. Many people don't realize how traumatic these are not only as a child but later in life as well. Many people haven't realized that they experienced child abuse until they are much older. In fact many abusers don't realize that what they are doing to their children isn't tough love, but actually abuse. .
             Many people don't understand what causes child abuse, and many times it isn't understood what causes child abuse. However, many of the common ways that abuse is started is by drinking, ignorance, and from previous experiences. What is meant by previous experiences, is that many times when a young boy is in his home, he may see his father beat him and/ or his mother is that he thinks it's okay to do, and doesn't realize that that's inappropriate. While many people think this is terrible, and think that the boy should realize that it's wrong, he just simply may not. Don't be mistaken though, girls definitely may pick up on this behavior as well, and may beat their husbands and children as well, though it is not as commonly talked about. .
             One of the forms of child abuse is physical abuse. Physical abuse is simply beating or striking a child. Many people consider spanking to be child abuse. However, it is only considered to be physical punishment, until it gets to the point where the child cannot sit down, has bruises, or is sore for a few days afterwards. Also, it is considered abuse if the adolescent is spanked repeatedly for the parents pleasure. However, this is hard to measure in court, and proof will be necessary to convict a parent of child abuse.
             Another type of child abuse is mental abuse. Many cases have found children that were locked in closets, basements, and bathrooms. One child was locked in a closet for 7 years.

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