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Martin Luther King Jr.

             had a strong message to send out regarding segregation, having society split right down the middle. These were some of the pressures the United States was experiencing in the 1950's and the 1960's. King Jr. at a young age was labeled the gifted child being able to recite biblical passages, he also had a sensitive side to him. He tried to commit suicide twice when he found out that his grandmother was dying. He was also a very angry child growing up, not having the equal treatment was the so called "white society," he understood at a young age the picture that was painted the black and the white. .
             By law he had to attend a "colored" school where he was an above average student. King Jr. entered Morehouse College at the tender age of fifteen thinking that he would be either a doctor or a lawyer. However his calling was becoming a minister like his father and in 1947 he was ordained as a pastor. Though he did not have any hate towards the whites, he seriously abhorred the laws that were put upon the nation. After graduating from Morehouse with a degree in sociology he went on to seminary at the Crozer Theological Seminary, and he graduated at the top of his class with a degree in divinity, and then he went on to attending Boston University for a Ph.D. in systematic theology.
             With his soft heart for unity and a voice that could move the world. That was what he set out to do. In 1955 in Montgomery a boycott of buses was underway and not having a ring leader they chose King Jr. and in 1956 they had won, the United States Supreme Court erased the bus segregation. However as King became more powerful within the civil rights environment, just living life was a bit harsh at times, being threatened on numerous accounts as well as having his house blown up. He still continued to practice nonviolence.
             In 1957 King Jr. formed a group with other fellow black leaders called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and moved to Atlanta.

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