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Brave New World Laws

             In the world today there are many laws that people do not correspond with. But these laws are set for Americans to be secure, but at the same time these laws are captivating away the rights. The law set for minors so that they can not be out past 10p.m, would be the San Diego's 50-year-old nighttime curfew for minors. The law makes it so that if you are under age of 18 that you are not allowed to be out past 10p.m. This law makes it hard for kids that play sports and work to do anything. "Terra Lawson-Remer, an 18-year-old San Diego resident who challenged the law with the ACLU, said she and her friends often hang out after 10 p.m. -- especially on weekends -- studying in coffee shops, reading poetry on the beach or snacking. One of her friends was arrested for eating in a Mexican restaurant after water polo practice -- at 10:20 p.m., she said." This is a perfect example of students and what happens when they want to don something after a sport.
             Another law that is there to let us say what we want when we want would be that law "Freedom of Speech". This law may sound like it is there to help you, but if you look closely you would see that it truly does not give that right to you. You can still be arrested for saying something that you should not of. "You can still be arrested for say fighting words, words of threat . Which then that means that it truly does not give you the right to what ever you want. First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law.abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." .
             One last law that I think is not very fair to people would be the " Student Rights Law" it would stop thing like, Lockers and backpacks are searched without reasonable suspicion. Minority students are disproportionately shunted in lower track programs. Majoritarian religious practices are officially sanctioned by teachers and school administrators.

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