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Mind Altering substances

             This essay is about mind altering substances and why we shouldn't have them in our society today.
             When people think of mind altering substances they think of pot, cocaine or crystal meth. But in reality they are as innocent as caffeine or nicotine; they change people and harm their bodies but at the same time can't get enough of it. .
             Humanity has gone to the moon, cured dieses and made constant other wonders but most people are stilled controlled by these harmful substances they think they need. I"m sure everyone has seen people who smoke when they don't get their nicotine fix, they get aggravated and aggressive. And for those people of the working world who say they can't start their day without their coffee, they seem like zombies when they don't have any. The addicting ingredients in these substances make people eat them, if cigarettes didn't have nicotine in them or coffee with its caffeine no one have them because they would taste them for what they really are. Disgusting and poisonous. .
             We as the human race say we are at the top of the food chain but yet are still controlled by inanimate things and it makes me think that we are a really hypocritical race. The other substances used for medical reasons such as pain killers and morphine are used for good reason and I support their use. But to use something harmful to our bodies and mind as a way to get away from life and its responsibilities. The people who do this are coward and the people drag us down from doing what we want to do in our life.
             So in my opinion this world would be better without the use of mind altering substances except for medical usage. I think we will only progress as a race if we do away with these and do things with a clear and strong mind.
             So the next you have a smoke, cup of coffee or go drinking think to yourself do you control what you do and act or does what you consume control you.

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