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             "Drugs" in the minds of many, is one of the most controversial issues that we face today. Many feel that "Drugs" are the cause of a majority of the problems that we face in today's society. As far as answering the question at hand goes, it really all depends on how you want to interpret the question. The question is "Should drug use be decriminalized?" the question seems simple enough to deserve an effortless yes or no answer. So, if you answer, "No, drugs should not be decriminalized" you would intern were saying drugs should be illegal, but what would you classify as a drug? Because in present times there are "legal drugs" that share the characteristics of "illegal drugs" and are still classified as being legal. Should an illegal drug be a substance with mind-altering capabilities, such as Ritalin or pergocets, which are legal, or would a drug be a substance with addicting or harmful side effects, such as oxicotons, which contain forms of heroin, and they are also "legal".
             Drugs are wrong when abused, on the other hand some drugs are just simply wrong. But, in reality this is all opinion, people make the final decision on what they want to do. The government has made it quite obvious that drugs are bad for you, but people do them anyway. The government has also, tried to enforce punishments upon drug abusers/users to no avail. When the government banned alcohol, the crime rate went up not down as they planned, but when they decriminalized it and just added a few rules about it the problems halted. So why keep fighting a losing battle?.
             If you look at it this way the question really shouldn't be "Should drugs be decriminalized? Instead it should be "Which drugs should be legal and which shouldn't?.

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