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The Life of a Plain Indian

            The life of a plain Indian was one of simplicity and routine. As with most other Native Americans, plain Indians were very resourceful and were "one with their land." Plain tribes such as the Sioux and the Cheyenne were dependent on the flourishment of the local wild food and the herds of buffalo. Also these Native Americans were very sheltered; they knew very much about life east of the Mississippi. Once peaceful plain Indians but later turned rebellious due to the white man's destruction of what these Indians believed was sacred.
             First some of the major problems Indians had with the settlers were land and the buffalo. Land, settlers claimed whatever land they wanted whenever and no matter whose livelihood it destroyed. This idea of Manifest Destiny was reasoned that "Native Americans had forfeited their rights to the land because they hadn"t settled down to improve it." Buffalo, the main source the plain Indian depended on. The plain Indian treated this animal as sacred performing rituals before and after killing and also using every part for some need. But as the white man settled the plains buffalos were say as easy game for a gun from a high, over-looking position. These settlers would kill thousands just for the hide and some misc. parts leaving most to waste. Soon with these mass killings the American buffalo would go from being one of our country's most abundant animal to endangered specie. .
             Once the plains became populated with many settlers the government took a strong hold against all the Indians, forcing them into barren areas such as the Sand Creek Reserve. Due to the lack of necessities the Cheyenne raided local trails and settlements. In retaliation the U.S. Army attacked surrendered Cheyenne. This night time massacre resulted in 200 sleeping Cheyenne men, women, and children all slain. But not only did they meet their demise their bodies were mutilated.
             Another clash that came between the plain Indians and the white folk was a fight over the Bozeman Trail.

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